GEOS Travel Safety

What started out as a stand-alone vision to deliver travel safety and security to traveling individuals and groups in 2005 has developed over the years into the premier travel safety and services company. GEOS found its roots in travel safety, and now that original vision is part of a global group of companies known as GEOS Worldwide.

Today, GEOS Travel Safety continues in its mission to develop and deliver the most competitive travel safety and security solutions around the world. Throughout our history, we have listened to our members to continuously enhance our membership programs to suit the needs of a diverse global environment.

GEOS Core Membership Plans

GEOS has been offering these traditional plans for over 10 years and they continue to be a fantastic option for our members.

GEOS SAR Membership

GEOS offers several global search and rescue membership levels to help offset costs incurred for your rescue! Give yourself peace of mind knowing that you will be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses as a GEOS Member.

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GEOS Medevac Memberships

GEOS Global MEDEVAC memberships are annual plans that differ solely on the duration of your trip. Choose short term MEDEVAC, or for the best coverage available just select the annual plan with no trip duration specification required.

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GEOS MEDEVAC Hight Rish Membership

If you feel you need the ultimate protection and assistance while traveling or working internationally, then you need GEOS360°. The GEOS360° membership is a full crisis management resource that is only the push of a button or phone call away, no matter where you are.

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GEOS Bundled Membership Plans

GEOS has bundled the most popular features from our individual memberships to provide custom membership plans tailored to the unique things you do!

Cruisers Pak by GEOS

Are you traveling around the world by boat? Let GEOS come along with you on your adventure with the World Cruisers Pak by GEOS for Individuals, Couples and Families.

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Adventure Pak by GEOS

For the adventurer in you! If you head out in search of adventure such as hiking, hunting, camping, snowmobile trips, etc., GEOS has a plan for you.

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Explorer Pak by GEOS

For those engaging in explorations or other activities, this membership is for you. It was developed with input from current GEOS members that needed a plan that was best suited to their work and lifestyle.
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Extreme Pak by GEOS Membership

Do you take adventure to its highest peak, like to explore the unexplored? This is the GEOS pak for those living on the edge, and are seeking the confidence that GEOS provides.

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Extreme Pak by GEOS Membership

Taking a cruise or heading for some great destination and wanting to be sure everything is safe? Want to know that you are covered and informed while you are on your trip, then look no further, this is your plan!

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GEOS Bundle Pak Comparison

Cruisers Pak Adventurer Pak Explorer Pak Extreme Pak Leisure Travel
SAR Benefit Level SAR 100 SAR 100 SAR 100 SAR HR SAR 50
Weather Advisories -- -- -- --
GEOS360° Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Starting At $204.95 $199.95 $275.95 $425.95 $189.95
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GEOS Global Traveler Premium Plans

Are you a frequent traveler? If you are, whether it's for personal travel or business, you may want to look at our premium travel membership levels for some incredible and exclusive features that were developed with frequent travelers in mind.

SAR 50/100

If you are one of those individuals who only takes one or two trips a year, but want the peace-of-mind of a GEOS Membership this plan is for you. It offers many of the features of the other premium packages at a bargain price.

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GEOS SAR HR Membership

If you take several trips per year, whether they are for work or personal, the Gold Premium membership plan by GEOS is the perfect way to take advantage of the features of the GEOS premium members group.

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If you have ever considered yourself a road warrior, constantly traveling the globe, running from hotel to train station then to the airport, you need to treat yourself to a GEOS Platinum membership and enjoy letting GEOS take care of you!

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Always book the top floor, look for the best airport lounge, and like to be well taken care of no matter the cost? Our Diamond membership level is reserved for those who want the best in a travel safety program and unlimited access to the tools provided.

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GEOS Premium Plan Comparison

Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
SAR Benefit Level SAR 50 SAR 100 SAR 100 SAR HR
Itinerary Risk Assessments 2 4 8 12
24x7 Assistance
Pre-Trip Travel Advice
Security Tips and Articles
Travel Advisories and Real-Time Alerts
Priority Pass Lounge Access
- $32 Member, $32 Guest per visit
4 Free
8 Free
12 Free
GEOS Travel Safety App
GEOS360° Optional Optional Optional
Price $349.95 $499.95 $649.95 $999.95
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24x7 Monitoring and Response

GEOS has provided monitored solutions for customers and partners since 2007. We monitor everything from people to places and things, anywhere in the world, all from our globally recognized FEMA certified team inside our secure facility in Texas. With GEOS you get the benefit of internationally recognized Incident Response Monitoring by GEOS Response, home to the International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC). The IERCC has handled tens of thousands of incidents and saved countless lives and property. Why would you rely on anyone else when GEOS has performed time and again in over 160 countries?

Visit GEOS Response - Home of the IERCC

Supported Device and Solution Providers

GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) Statistics


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